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Rinaldi Counselling Counselling and Relationship Therapy for Brixton & Clapham

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About Massimo Rinaldi

I work around and near South London, with both individuals and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, with the aim of enabling you to enhance your life and to live it more fully.

Following Covid lockdown, digital therapy has become very popular as it offers more flexibility and less traveling time to my clients. If you are unsure about how you wish to access therapeutic support do not hesitate to get back in touch to discuss this further and the benefit of digital therapy.

Counselling enables the individual to constructively manage any difficulty, any challenge or any crisis.

As a qualified and experienced counsellor, in South West and South East London, my training has been within a Humanistic field in which I use the principle of the “here and now” concentrating on the present circumstances to understand any conflict.

It’s effective counselling and, in partnership together with me, it can work well for you.

Therapy Approaches.

My counselling techniques draw upon a variety of theoretical approaches tailored to the client’s needs as well as employing approaches such as:

motivational interview techniques,
cognitive behavioural therapy,
personal centered therapy,
solution focus therapy.

My therapeutic approach always considers the influences of the past and how they have affected the individual’s life experiences.

Previous Experience.

I have worked extensively with clients with a variety of issues, including addictive behaviours, sex and sexuality and I apply existential and cognitive behavioural approaches to enable my clients to obtain positive results and outcomes.

Current Experience.

I am currently working privately from my studio in Brixton working with a variety of issues within a short term or long term, on going contract. I also work as a High Intensity Counsellor for the NHS - IAPT service addressing issues related to anxiety and depression, and its impact. The work is short term only, with the aim of supporting clients to move towards improving or reducing their symptoms.

The decision to embark on a therapeutic experience may cause one to experience a sense of distress, confusion, anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. However, in my practice I create a safe and warm environment where I offer opportunities to confidentially explore these emotional and psychological feelings. My aim is to enable the client to reflect, clarify and work towards living in a more harmonious and resourceful way.

Working as a counsellor for over 20 years, I have learned that counselling can best help those who feel immobile, somehow closed off, and the self is unable to move freely, result in the loss of self-expression and self-worth.

This state of mind conflicts in some degree with our natural human instincts; it restrict our natural flow of life, and ultimately our ability to express a unique self. I compare this to the ebbing and flowing of the sea. It may seem still, almost calm on the surface, but the under current is constantly changing. If we are open to it, much like the ocean, our lives is constantly in a process of flux.

I believe that we should try to accept that our physical identity, our self-esteem, our values, our ideas, our emotions and our relationships are forever moving in different direction. We are constantly challenged by change, and yet it is perfectly normal for us to fear the unknown and to desire stability.

Counselling can offer the opportunity to grow and learn so that we can be fully present, in the mist of difficulties that challenges us. I believe that this can be achieved in a safe and confidential environment where, possibility for being can be explored and, if desired, learning to be present at your own pace.

“The biggest obstacles to our progress exist within our own lives. Breaking through these barriers will unleash a surging wave of change. D.Ikeda”

Counselling for Addiction.

Managing Addiction can be a valuable asset.

I have considerable experience in counselling clients with addictive behaviour i.e. substance misuse, alcohol dependency, sex addiction or compulsive tendencies and consequences of these in their lives.

I have considerable experience in supporting clients with addictive behaviour i.e. substance misuse, alcohol dependency, sex addiction or compulsive tendencies and consequences of these in their lives.

There are different ways of viewing and working with addictive behaviour. They are all different and unique in themselves and I am able to adapt my method and approach with each client. I subscribe to an holistic approach which enables me to negotiate how the individual wish to move forward, with or without the extra support and motivation offered by twelve steps programs( AA, NA) or SMART recovery.

I am able to adapt my method and approach with each client and discuss a way forward.

Areas of Addiction Expertise.

Drug & Substance Addiction
Fear of change
Assertiveness skills
Defense mechanism
Ambivalence and resistance
Loss of control
Low self esteem/lack of confidence
Shame and Guilt
Tunnel Vision
Dissatisfaction with life
Counselling for Sex and Sexuality.

Your sexual health is important to you.

Sex and sexuality is an intrinsic aspect of our identity and to deny its full expression may cause an inner struggle. Such internal conflict may arise when one suppresses true feelings about our sexuality, or relationship with sex, in order to avoid having our identity stigmatized.

As a counsellor, I have worked with the issues on sex and sexuality and the impact it has for several years. I have gained the ability to manage the tension that sex and sexuality issues may cause. This has provided the client with the opportunity to explore in detailed ways to successfully manage, process, accept and integrate any change towards sex or sexuality desired.

Areas of Sex / Sexuality Expertise.

Uncertainty and confusion
Inner conflict
Internalized homophobia
History of sexual abuse
Fluidity of Gender & Sexual identity
Coming out
Shame and Guilt
Acceptance and loss

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