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Client testimonials offer a means to other prospective clients to hear directly from those who have benefitted from my service. All testimonials below are anonymous:

" Massimo allowed me to go deeper into my self-examination and used his experience to help me to understand what really matters in life. Massimo professionalism shined through the sessions where he made sure I was in a safe environment and encouraged me to open up without fear of judgement.

"I had 10 sessions with Massimo and they enabled me to go on a journey of self-reflection & realisation into my past and how this had shaped me into the person that I am today. I was in a high state of depression when our sessions began but Massimo’s personal & open style of therapy helped me overcome some of the biggest mental hurdles that I’ve faced."

" Thank you Massimo for your questions, empathy and ability to help me see through the darkness."

“When I first started therapy with Massimo I was in a very negative place and I felt confused about what I was feeling. But my sessions with Massimo completely changed my entire mindset to the point where I now have an extremely positive outlook on my current situation, and I have progressed to a point that I could only have dreamed about before starting therapy."

"I approached Massimo with no prior experience of therapy, with a specific personal problem I was hoping to overcome. Massimo helped me to develop the communication skills and sense of self-worth to overcome this problem...... I now feel far more empowered to resolve any problems that come up in my relationships in a positive way and more inclined to communicate my issues to help get them resolved, rather than bottling them up and hoping they'll go away as I was before."

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